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Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review : Before You Start Up by Pankaj Goyal

Title: Before You Start Up
 Author: Pankaj Goyal
Category: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Pankaj Goyal
Price: Fingerprint Publishers 
Pages: 155
Price: 175 (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

Snapshot: If you fall in the range of being an individual who is to start up a business but are confused or somebody who has started a business recently. The book gets you face to face with the most critical questions you should ask yourself, the aspects you must consider in this phase. The writer explains every point he makes with exemplary cases which makes it an authentic and an interesting read.

Detailed Review: 
As the name suggests this is a book you read before you have actually started up. The author also has some sections for people who are an year or so (nascent) into their start ups, VC's to judge a start up pitch or get into a business themselves, and best of all for people dating the start up people (yeah I know you would love him already for this). The writer begins the book with a lot of honesty which makes one hooked to it.

The first chapter is a hard look at the reasons people want to start up as it sounds really cool, the generation craves independence at work and control, don't want a boss, it seems to the pop culture thanks to the Business leaders getting a star status and the valleys like Silicon coming up which glamorizes the business world more than it has been ever before this time. It gives you a real picture of the success ratios of startups which is one in ten and the reasons why many could fail.The author has given multiple examples, a good mix of both the billion dollar and locally successful companies, so as to be real and not just glamorous which I found to be one of the most critical aspects of this book. 

If your determination lasts thus far ad you are very sure to take the plunge to be an entrepreneur, he takes you deeper into the aspects critical to the business such as: Why do you wish to build a specific business? How to turn into an idea generating machine? How to create a business plan and seriously evaluate your idea. choose a co founder and aspects to really dwell microscopically into before taking the plunge? He then
dwells into brushing up on every key basic aspect that one needs to be mentally prepared for and pay attention to before taking the plunge.The writer finally goes into helping you set parameters to evaluate the success of your business in the first year. 

Many books inspire you to create business and many teach you how to, the important questions that remain to be addressed are "Why, What and When" of the business and this book fills that lacunae. If you want a spreadsheet that helps you evaluate your decision of starting up, grab this book right away.

RC Rating : 4/5

About the Author:

Pankaj Goyal grew up in a typical Indian middle class family in Rajasthan. In a family of government employees, he was taught the standard script to build your career: “Work hard on academics and get the highest scores”. And that’s the path he took. While he got his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, there was always an itch . . . an itch to start a business. He started his company in 2008 and ran it for three years. His experience was bitter sweet. The business generated good cash, but failed to grow. He then took a break, moved to the USA and joined McKinsey and Company. Ever since, he has worked across the world in the technology industry. His work is now focused on applying Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of companies. He continues to be involved in the world of entrepreneurship as an angel investor and as an advisor to startups in the Silicon Valley and India.

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