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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Book Review: The Ineffable Blu by Anjaly Sangeeth

Title: The Ineffable Blu
Author: Anjaly Sangeeth
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: Rs. 200 (paperback)
Pages: 202

Meera is a young girl with her heart full of dreams. But, there is something from the past that continues to haunt her. Why is she so afraid of fire? Who is the man who calls her “Blu”? And, who is Shiva, whom she is magnetically attracted to? This is a story revealed in layers.

Detailed Review:
The Ineffable Blu by Anjaly Sangeeth is a love story that talks about love transcending realms. Revealed in layers, the story, which reads like a regular young-love tale of heartache and love in the first half, suddenly turns to something different in the latter part, making the reader pleasantly surprised. 

Meera is a regular young girl with all the hopes and ambitions that an educated girl from a middle-class Indian family may have. The other important characters in the book are her best friend Sandhya, her pal Aji, various family members and of course, Shiva. She is attracted to Shiva in an inexplicable way. Why does she feel so much for him even though she does not know him? What is this bond that ties them together?

While reading the novel first one thinks that it is a love triangle with Meera at the centre of it. However, it is later that an unknown supernatural element creeps in and completely turns the plot around. What I enjoyed about the story and the plot is this turnaround element which makes the reader want to know what happens at the end and creates a kind of suspense.

Meera has a knack for being a damsel in distress! There are occasions aplenty when she gets rescued by her knight-in-shining armour….and this adds a slightly cliched element to an otherwise great drama.

There is some humour in the language, reflecting an understanding of the setting she has based the story on. For example, Meera talks about the kind of family she comes from, she says:

 “Or should one say a common abnormal family where parents fight for the same problems disguised in many other forms. But you can’t blame them because they are from a coinage where marriages were between two families rather than the couples. So, compatibility among the families was the cream of the crop even if the bride and groom hated each other.” Indeed, this reflects common mores of the society she is talking about.

There are many twists and turns in the book and the reader is kept on tenterhooks as far as the romance is concerned. Would Meera get together with the love of her life? Or does fate have something else in store? There is a certain dreamy and mystical element as well that creeps into the story. Overall, an interesting storyline, though I do feel that crisper editing would have brought out the language in a better manner.

RC Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Dhanishta Shah. 
Dhanishta is a Mumbai-based freelance writer. In her work over the past ten years, she has explored and devoured a range of genres such as education, architecture, lifestyle, fashion, art, literature, people-profiling, parenting, health, travel, specialist areas such as watches, trade publications and so on.

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