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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book Review: The Lone Limbo

Title: The Lone Limbo

Author: C P Rabindranath

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction

Date:  2018

Price: INR 220

Pages: 230

 This is a book by a senior Psychiatrist, and one that is built around a mental illness. You would expect it to be pedantic, scholarly, informed and detailed, focusing on the human or relationship side of mental illnesses – or the societal side and the mental indifference or judgment society holds. You certainly wouldn’t expect it to be anything mainstream, or even remotely like it. Frankly, it is just the above aspects that attracted me to this wonderful book that I rate 5 stars. And yet, it has almost nothing of the above, and is in fact the complete opposite.

The book is the story of a mental illness patient – a successful software engineer and his travails in life due to his illness. It presents a snapshot, or rather a GIF, of his life, i.e a small part of it – relating to a period when he is convalescing and recovering from it, living with his parents and an incorrigible sister. This person has an interesting past, having gone through some trauma, while being highly intelligent as well as very well educated. The book presents his story as what he goes through in family, friends – as well as some very, shall we say, different and fascinating adventures he undergoes, adventures that are completely unexpected, and which change his life forever.

For starters, write all your expectations on a page. Careful now, this next step is vital :  fold this paper carefully, with caution – and throw it into the dustbin. It will prove to be one of the most useless writing you would ever have done in your life; that is a document that will be wrong in so many ways I cant even begin to list them. The book packs a tremendous punch, and is way off the beaten track in every single imaginable way, leaving you absolutely stunned at the deft skill of the author.

I wont reveal anything in this review – no spoilers, no hints, nothing. Visit the store, and find out for yourself in my sincere advice. Furthermore, for the above reason – this review of mine promises to be among the shortest reviews I have ever penned, so please bear with me for that. At the most, I will say this – you would not expect a racy pace, full of thrill and intense action packed sequences in a book of this genre. And you would certainly not expect a massive, massive positive warm feeling oozing out of every page – and last of all, use of humour throughout. Top it all, well developed characters.

I promised no hints, and I have delivered. And a short review, lo and behold - a short review. In my concluding remarks I can only state that this is  a massive surprise, a shock almost; as well as a very very enriching read indeed. This is a book that is positive, motivates, full of humour, thrills and action – rarely do you find all  of these in one power-packed book. Top of all that is a catchy racy rollicking pace making for a riveting read. Until you start noting the minutiae so very skilfully woven into the tale, the lessons, the societal readings, the reactions and the stereotypical judge-mentality of society so deftly thrown into the storyline, and you understand the deeper unmentioned lessons it contains, that it wants you to understand. All in all, a complete package. Highly recommended.

RC Rating- 5/5

About the Author
Dr. C.P.Rabindranath hails from a royal family of Kozhikode, Kerala. His maternal grandfather was the Velliya Kunzhu Unni Tambaran of Padinyarae Kovilagam, who received the privy purses before his demise. After completing his MBBS, DPM, MD in Psychiatry in Madurai Medical college, he served in Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai and retired as HOD and Professor of Psychiatry. His career as a consultant psychiatrist spans over 25 years.

Grab a copy here:

Book Reviewed by Vishal Kale.

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