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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book Review: LOVE.LIFE!: Short stories to warm your Soul. See the world in a different perspective by Roshini Vijay Kumar

Title: LOVE.LIFE!: Short stories to warm your Soul. See the world in a different perspective.

AuthorRoshini Vijay Kumar

Publisher: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited (only a Kindle Copy)

Genre: Short stories (fiction)

Date:  2018

Price: INR 49 (free on Kindle unlimited)

Pages: 33

These are simple short stories of everyday people, with some not so common life situations. 

The Review
This book has stories of common people, like you and me or anyone we know. However are common people, really common? Is life really mundane? These are the questions that would appear through the stories. It would slowly reveal that, what appears so on the surface has never been true. Not today with all social media where people try to display the smallest aspect of their lives or in the yesteryear's, when our grandparents lived and marriages (in India and many parts of the world) were a parental decision, there is a lot beyond what appears, a lot that is felt yet goes unexpressed.

The stories range from a granddaughter realising the true nature of her grand-parents's relationship, when time was not on their side and comparing it with hers or a woman finally finding her hero in a common man, when she finds herself in the most unusual circumstances. Another story speaks is about a man who distributed wish stones but didn't believe in them, however someone else did.  Love  is an emotion that barely escapes any story and there are love and loss stories in this book as well, thankfully only a few.

My favourite stories however are the last two: Nodding Dog, the story of finding dignity in a person in the most unexpected circumstance. The other is At Clinic which talks about a phenomenon of women safety and related emotions from a very fresh perspective.

The book scores at some places for the nuance in portraying either a bizarre circumstance or a fresh perspective for a known situation. However that is not true for all stories in the book and that is all sometimes the story has. A seasoned reader asks for much more than this. Considering the maturity in Indian writing today, the writer needs to work a lot on the plot as well as the essence of words to emerge as an equal.

RC Rating: 3/5. Overall its a good light read for travel or if you are a beginner in the world of reading and want to start from short stories.  

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